Chemistry / Drug Testing

The chemistry section is well equipped with many modern sophisticated instruments like Ultra Violet Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, and HPTLC etc. Section actively engaged in the standardization of Homoeopathic drugs by using modern analytical techniques. Section also engaged in the testing of Homoeopathic drugs viz. Mother Tincture, Potency, Tablets, Bio-chemic, Eye drops, Syrup, Ointment etc received from various sources like Government Drug Controlling Authorities.

Testing Parameter in Homoeopathic Medicine:

Mother Tinctures: Determination of

  • Alcohol Content in %
  • pH value
  • Specific gravity
  • Total Solids in %
  • λ – max by UV Spectrophotometer
  • Identification of Active Principle present in the Drug

Potencies/ Dilution: Determination of

  • Alcohol Content in %
  • Absence of Fusel Oil
  • Absence of adehydes & ketones
  • Drug content up to 3x Level

Biochemic Tablet: Determination of

  • Disintegration / Dissolution time
  • Test for lactose
  • Percentage of Ash value w/w
  • Identification of Drugs up to 3x.

Ointments: Determination of

  • Consistency & Homogenicity
  • Base material
  • Drug Content
  • Identification of claimed drug

Hair Oil: Determination of

  • Test for base oil
  • Identification of drug
  • Determination of Acid value
  • Determination of Iodine value
  • Determination of Saponification value

Formulations: The formulations are tested as per label claim

Services provided:

  • Testing of homoeopathic drugs received from Drug Control Authorities, Port Authorities, Central & State Govt. supply etc for their quality as per standard mentioned in Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia and as per rules under Drug & Cosmetic Act.
  • Preparation and Standardization of homoeopathic drugs.
  • Finish Product standardization for homoeopathic drugs.

Facilities Available:

  • HPTLC Finger Printing
  • Physicochemical standardization of raw drugs.
  • Heavy metal detection through Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
  • Purity and concentration of alcohol.
  • Others instruments: ph Meter, Water-bath, Electric Bunsen, Moisture Analyzer, Refractometer, Polarimeter, UV Spectrophotometer etc.

Drug Testing:

Apply for Drug testing

  1. Sealed samples are to be sent along with duly filled Form ‘18’ for Drug Control Authority or Form ‘1’ for Port Authority whichever is applicable as per Drug & Cosmetic Act and certificate of analysis test report by Government Analyst send through Form ‘13’ for Drug Control Authority & Form ‘2’ for Port Authority.
  2. Individual drug testing sample is received for testing through form ‘14 A’ and certificate of analysis test report send through Form ’14 B’.
  3. After receiving the testing fees, the certificate of analysis test reports is sent to the concerned Drug Authorities. For Advance payment is made through online mode go to through Non Tax Receipt Portal (

Technical team:

  • Mrs. Devki Pant, Sr. Scientific Assistant, (Section In-charge)
  • Mr. Satish Kumar, Scientific Assistant
  • Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Scientific Assistant
  • Mr. Divya Saurabh, Kushwaha Scientific Assistant
  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Laboratory Assistant
  • Mr. Pawan Kumar Shyam, Laboratory Attendant